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Trouble-free drinking water solutions for your workplace

Trouble-free drinking water solutions for your workplace

Undersink 4 Stage RO System
Drinking Water Filtration

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Undersink 4 Stage RO System

Reverse Osmosis Under-Sink Filter System – 4 Stage

Using this 4 stage filtration system which features a Reverse Osmosis membrane element, in conjunction with sediment and carbon filters, ensures effective removal of undesirable elements from your drinking water.

Not only will suspend solids be removed, but items such as Chlorine, Fluoride, Nitrate, heavy metals, cysts and E.coli. Whilst taste and odour are greatly improved

Reverse Osmosis Kit

Above image should be used as a guide only, as kit components may vary

Complete Kit includes:

  • Installation Instructions
  • Installation kit
  • Long reach faucet
  • Residential thin film membrane element
  • 5 Micron sediment cartridge
  • 5 Micron carbon block filter
  • In line carbon filter


  • 380 LPD ( Litres per Day )
  • Dimensions–4StageRO 400(H)x350(W)x145(D)-mm
  • Dimensions – Storage Tank 425 (H) x 275 (W) x 275 (D) – mm
  • Operating pressure 276 kPa (min) / 690 kPa (max)
  • Operating temperature 4 to 38 – degrees C
  • Model : W4SROUS100

System suitable for mains (potable) drinking water applications only.

With over 30 years of experience in the drinking water industry, Aqua-Tech has earned a reputation for the highest-quality products and the most reliable service. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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