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Trouble-free drinking water solutions for your workplace

Trouble-free drinking water solutions for your workplace

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Corporate Profile

Our Mission

Our purpose is to contribute to positive workplace environments by providing convenient solutions to everyday needs.

Our Vision

We will forge a reputation for outstanding service. Our key customers will recognise us for our professional conduct and will value us as a key business partner. We will double the size of our business every 10 years by embracing new opportunities while continually focusing on the things we do best.

Our Values

  • Excellence We aim to always exceed the expectations of others. We continually strive to improve.
  • Integrity We fulfil our commitments and we always choose to do what is right. We uphold principles that are foundational to prosperity.
  • Respect We care, we listen, we understand. We believe in the value of others and we serve by making their needs our concern.
These values represent the core ideology of our business. Our people and our practices are aligned with them. We continually measure ourselves against them.

Our Products

Thanks to our many years of specialist experience dealing with drinking water solutions, we have a broad selection of quality products to suit a variety of applications. We have full confidence that these products will exceed our customers’ expectations. Every product we offer is backed by the Aqua-Tech name and our solid reputation for service and reliability. See our Products page for more information.

Our Services

Aqua-Tech’s reputation for premium service and support is solidly founded. Many long-standing clients testify to our value as a business partner, because of the speed with which we respond to their requests and the high level of satisfaction with which we reward them. Our highly-trained technicians are competent in all aspects of installation, servicing, repairs and maintenance. The success of our service team is built on our core values, particularly the respect that we have for our clients and our relentless pursuit of excellence. See our Services page for more information.