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Trouble-free drinking water solutions for your workplace

Trouble-free drinking water solutions for your workplace

Sparkling & Chilled Water Dispensers
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Drinking Water Solutions - Boiling, Chilled, Filtered & Ice

Aqua-Tech provides an exceptional range of filtered drinking water and ice solutions. Our commitment to absolute customer satisfaction means that we only offer products of the highest quality, backed by superior service.

Tailored to suit your needs...

Many businesses today provide drinking water for the refreshment of their staff and customers, whether it is boiling water, chilled water, pure filtered water or ice. We provide practical solutions for businesses like this, with a specialist focus on the needs of the corporate workplace. Our products are both functional and stylish – water coolers for pure chilled drinking water, instant boiling water units for tea and coffee, sparkling water dispensers and ice machines. Aqua-Tech products and services are tailored to meet your requirements. Additionally, we have a number of residential solutions available. We also provide you with first-class service and support. Our highly-trained technicians are skilled in all aspects of installation, servicing, repairs and maintenance. We continually strive to improve our reputation as a valued business partner by offering our customers the very best and most consistently reliable service.

Why have a water dispenser installed?

The best part of investing in a water cooler is that they can be suited for both commercial and residential purposes. From health to convenience, this our products continue to be favoured by homes and businesses across the globe. Why? Well, here are a few reasons:

We are pleased to announce our ongoing commitment to providing high quality, safe, compliant products and services, with third party JAS-ANZ accreditation, conducted independently by Compliance Australia.

Find out how Aqua-Tech can help with your filtered drinking water & ice requirements. Contact us today.

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